As previously reported, the ZENAIDA DOVE was
observed by 15+ birders beginning around 9:30
a.m.  It stayed on a powerline for at least 20
minutes just east of 133 Valois Blvd.

A male WESTERN SPINDALIS was observed by John
Puschock (Eustis) who was much quicker than the
rest of us who got nothing more than a fleeting
glimpse.  The was in front of 133 Valois Blvd.
near the Coconut Palm about 9:00 a.m.  It flew
toward the back of the house and was not

After a quick break for lunch John and I
returned to the area and re-located the Zenaida
Dove.  This time it was on the next street over
from Valois Blvd.(Marseilles Street).  It stayed
on a powerline for 20 minutes allowing a good
photo opportunity.  This is the area that Larry
Manfredi posted on 5/3.  The bird was also
observed on the ground in a vacant field on
Marseilles St.  When we left the area at 12:30,
the Z-Dove was flying toward Valois.

A search throughout the neighborhood did not
produce a Smooth-billed Ani that has been seen
the past few weeks.  Stopped by the Card Sound
Bridge and heard three or more singing Yellow
Warblers (Cuban Race).  Had great looks at one.

Was good to see many birders I know and a few I
had the pleasure of meeting.  Jack, Dotty, Vince,
Dick, Bruce, Steve, Nedra, and Mary to name a

For DIRECTIONS: please see the Florida RBA report
for 5/4/02.

Good Birding

Tom Rodriguez
Orlando, FL
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