Rocky Milburn and I took a look at about half of the Wolf Branch Creek ELAPP
site near Ruskin in Hillsborough County May 5.

We found seven pairs of Wilsonís plovers acting like they had nests and
actually found a nest belonging to another.  Also seen in pairs or acting
like they were protecting nests were four pairs of least terns, two pairs of
willets, three pairs of killdeer, one pair of b-n stilts, and a pair of
nighthawks.  One of the nighthawks dive-bombed us twice before we got far
enough away. We found racoon tracks all over the place.  I wish the
shorebirds and other ground nesters well.

We heard four prairie warblers in the mangroves.  That's as many as we had
in the whole preserve last year.  In the nearby Simmons Park we saw a dozen
b-h cowbirds taking advantage of a feeding program.  I wish the warblers

Early this morning a few cedar waxwings flew over Rockyís house in
Riverview.  A little late maybe?

Finally, Rocky married his long-time girlfriend Loretta a few weeks ago.
Itís all right with me if you tease him about this.

Tim Mann                                Rocky Milburn
Tampa, FL                               Riverview, FL
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