* Florida
* Peninsular Florida from Leon County south to Monroe County
* Date 5 May 2002
* FLFL0205.05

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This is Charlie Ewell reporting the Florida Rare Bird Alert Update for
5/5/02. This report is sponsored by FLORIDA NATURE TOURS, which offers May
tours to the Dry Tortugas (for substantial discounts call today!), South
Florida tours and private guiding. For information go to or call 407-363-1360. Reports are followed
by coordinates from the DeLorme Florida Atlas & Gazatteer and the page
number of Bill Pranty’s ABA guide “A Birder’s Guide to Florida” when
possible. To leave a message or report, press any key now and begin speaking
after the tone. The next update will be on 5/10/02 or when there is new

At Key Largo, the ZENAIDA DOVE was reported again 5 May. The Zenaida Dove
was originally observed on a powerline at 11:00 AM on Marseilles St 3 May
(Larry Manfredi). It was reported in the area from 133 to 143 Valois Blvd,
and also at the corresponding area on Marseilles St 4 May (John Boyd, Robin
Diaz). The dove was reported from many locations along the two streets 5 May
(many observers). Please be conscientious of the fact that this area is a
neighborhood, and some locals may not be fond of the attention this bird is

The male WESTERN SPINDALIS was relocated briefly 5 May, again in the front
yard of 133 Valois Blvd (John Puschock).

The area is located about two miles north of US-1. From US-1 take CR-905
north to Valois Blvd., and turn east (right). To get to Marseilles take the
first dirt road on the right. Coming from Card Sound Rd (CR-905A), take
CR-905 south about 7 miles to Valois Blvd. Turn to the east (left). DeLorme
p. 123, C1; Pranty p. 244

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