Another pesky Western Spindalis is on Key Biscayne, in Bill Baggs Cape
Florida State Park. This one is a male black-backed, seen at 9 AM. The bird
is not shy and its vocalizations should help locate him. When moving from
each location, it gives a fairly loud, staccato "seet, seet, seet." When
perched or preening, it gives a chattering monologue, like a Blue-gray
Gnatcatcher, but more musical. While feeding, it sometimes gives a 2-note
harsh call, similar to a Blue Jay.

Enter Key Biscayne via Rickenbacker Causeway ($1) and follow the signs for
the park. After entering, go to Area D (southernmost) and park on west end.
Enter the paved bike path and walk north ~ 200 yds. Look for a faint, white
"6" on the right edge of the path. The bird was first seen across the path
and worked its way north feeding in the fruiting Strangler Figs.

I looked briefly yesterday for the female Western Spindalis in Crandon
Gardens but could not find her. However, I am kicking around the idea of
starting up a Spindalis Dating Service here on the Key.

Robin Diaz
Key Biscayne, FL
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