Steve Siegel is right.

"People behavior" is off-topic on this list.  While I would hope all birders
would naturally have good manners and comport themselves quietly and
courteously  regarding  private property, property owners and for the
wellbeing of any birds, the point was made quite a while ago. To
continue to discuss it is to admit that birders are not grownup people.

The birder from the West Coast who saw the Western Spindalis
on that street wrote me that he hoped this very thing would not happen.
In his state, such subjects are very deleterious to the lists, he reported.

As I have said many times, the philosophy on which this list is based  is
not to undertake to "teach" people about people.  It is to help people
"learn" about birds.

Any further comments about this subject or any others regarding the list
itself should be mailed to me at the address shown in the bottom
banner following this message.

Barbara Passmore

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