Is Spring migration over?  Did I miss it?

So it would seem.  Becoming a new mobile home owner can really hurt your
year list.  This morning, Andy's Father's Son and I went birding at
Sebastian Inlet to add to our year lists and see if there are any
Black-whiskered vireos left in Brevard County.  We hit the north side of the
inlet right around daylight, parking in the field next to the tidal pond.
Two Great-horned owls adorned the dead Australian pines that rim the field.
We listened to the dawn chorus of a pair of Great-crested flycatchers and
snuck a peak at the tidal pond before heading to vireo country.  The pond
was empty of water, people, and birds.  No year Semipalmated sandpiper for
me here.  We went along the dike leading west from the entrance road just
north of the toll gate.  There is a series of impoundments and lots of
mangroves.  Should be Prairie warblers, Eastern and Gray kingbirds, and
Black-whiskered vireos here.  Not one of any of these species.  I'm not
surprised at some of the absences, but no Prairie warblers?!?  Not a good
sign.  There were many wading birds along the lagoon including 30+
spoonbills.  A flock of peeps was too far out to be IDed.  After a while, we
headed back without resident or migrant warblers or vireos.  Andy spotted a
Blackpoll warbler (would have been a year bird for me) along the main road
as we retreated to the truck.  We checked out the north parking lot and
woods to no avail.  The last gasp was the hammock trails near the marina
about 1/2 mile north of the inlet.  Here our luck turned, for the worse.  We
managed a few cardinals, Carolina wrens, and Red-bellied woodpeckers.  No
hoped for Connecticut warbler or Gray-cheeked thrush (both lifers for Andy.)
About midmorning it was getting hot, I was thinking of all the trailer stuff
I had to do, and I was thirsty.  We headed back to the Bankert's place to
get some AC, some water, and to say Hi to Andy's Father's Son's Family's Dog
(aka George.)

The rest of the day was spent making the new abode more hospitable for a
lonely bachelor.  Tomorrow I get to play with man toys:  Tractor + Dump
Truck + Chainsaw + Testosterone = Scary.  Soon the exotics will be but a
memory, the trailer will be presentable, and I will have way too much time
to make up stories.  Be warned.

David Simpson
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Fellsmere, FL

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