Swamphen wrote:
> I know crows.
> Unless this was a mutant,
> This was no crow...
> -S.P.MacCumhail
> Crawfordville, Wakulla County, Florida


 The call sounds good, hope you check the area again often,
 & get that tail shape man!!

 If the bird(s) do turn out to be Ravens, my guess at this
 time of year would be escapes from captivity. Wanderers
 would be much more probable in the winter, not now when they
 should be up in the N.C. Mts. nesting.

 A few years ago I saw a Raven that had been in the Panama City
 area for some time. It was in Sept. as I recall, but the bird
 was very tame & was most probably an escaped, (or released) pet
 most likely from a military family. It's a common situation to
 have exotic pets released in military towns. It was neat feeding
 him M&Ms though!

 Wes Biggs
 Florida Nature Tours, Orlando  407/363-1360  [log in to unmask]   ABA sponsored

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