I spent the morning at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park
        yesterday. I had the opportunity to get some great looks at
        some great birds.

        I accompanied park biologist, Paul (sorry can't remember your
        last name), on his morning Grasshopper Sparrow survey. We only
        saw one (and one possible juvenile) this morning, but it was
        close and gave me enough time to get a very satisfying look. It
        was breezy and cool -- that may be why we didn't see as many as
        usual. However, the Bachman's Sparrows were very cooperative.
        We probably saw somewhere around 10 during the survey.

        Next we hiked out to check one of the White-tailed Kite nests.
        We weren't disappointed as we were able to watch the pair for
        maybe 20 minutes.

        We wrapped-up the morning by checking out a pair of Burrowing

        Throughout the morning, we saw many of the more common birds
        you would expect in this habitat. Here's what I remember off the
        top of my head:

        Turkey Vulture
        White-tailed Kite
        Red-shouldered Hawk
        Crested Caracara
        Wild Turkey (heard)
        Northern Bobwhite
        Burrowing Owls
        Loggerhead Shrike
        Common Ground-Dove
        Carolina Wren (heard)
        Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
        Northern Mockingbird
        Eastern Towhee
        Common Yellowthroat
        Bachman's Sparrow
        Grasshopper Sparrow
        Red-winged Blackbird
        Eastern Meadowlark

        The park is relatively new, and they would like to have more
        visitors and campers ... especially birders. They are anxious
        to show-off their Sparrows and Kites and are willing to help
        you find the birds provided you let them know when you will be
        visiting. You won't be disappointed.

        The park is north west of Lake Okeechobee. From Sebring, I took
        Hwy 98 to 700A in Basinger then followed the signs. For More
        Information Call Park office: 863-462-5360.


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