This Elegant Tern is in a nesting colony on one of the islands in the
Florida Coastal Islands Sanctuaries.  The islands are closed to the
public during the nesting season from 1 April to 1 September.

The need to protect the colony from disturbance is important.  Our
documentation of the bird was done with as little disturbance to the
birds as possible, and was overseen by Audubon personnel, whose job it
is to protect these nesting birds.  Rich and Ann Paul recognized the
need to document this nesting, and lacking cameras, they asked us to
help them in documenting the occurance.

Hope this clarifies the situation,

Vincent Lucas wrote:

>And why would that be that others aren't allowed to see the bird "at its
>current location?" Is it on private property? Do you have to work for
>Audubon? Is it that environmentally sensitive? Please explain.
>Vincent Lucas
>Naples, FL
David Powell
Brandon, FL
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