Hi, John (and all other FloridaBirders)!

You are still a subscriber in good standing and a FloridaBirder, John.
But you, like everyone else, seems to be taking a hiatus -- probably all for
the same reason.  This has happened on all the area lists as well.
Necessarily, posting has been muted about the !nesting! Elegant Tern
reported yesterday by David Powell and shown in videograb pictures of the
Tern on the FloridaBirds-L website:
Many thanks to Kurt Radamaker for furnishing that invaluable source for the
birders of Florida.

There have been so many rarities, it seems that everyone has to
stop and get their breaths.

We aren't here just for rarities. Although they are lovely to have, no list
can subsist just on rarities.  Ever post has its own merit.  While some
birds may be misidentified, still the "old" birders can give everyone a
lesson about identification or the acceptability of the birds, and we all
learn something. To those less learned than John Epler, don't be afraid to
ask for identification help.

Even with 659 subscribers, there can be a lull in posting after a period of
large activity.  It wasn't so long ago that I was receiving complaints about
there being too many posts, reaching 20 or more some days.

I have said more than once:  It is your call about what you post. The only
requirement is that it be about Florida birds.  With 16 million people in
Florida, there are about 15 million + 999,941 out there that probably know
very little about birds.  And many around the world who dream of coming to
Florida read our list on Jack Siler's site;
Just about any kind of bird post is going to have an educating effect.

There are many different levels of knowledge among the birders on this list
(and just about any list), and we all should be patient about what people
post about.  The subject line should clue you in, and if you don't like the
format used by any birder, please just delete the message.  I ask that you
do not write offline to any poster asking them not to post in a certain way.
Instead, look for areas that have little posting, especially North Florida
and the east coast which must have a lot of unreported information.  Quality
will seek its own level.  Whatever that means.

I will take this opportunity to add some information about signing off.  If
you are coming back in six months and will have the same server, go on
nomail.  Directions are in the bottom banner.  Just about everyone who has
signed off lately has said they would be back when cooler weather comes, but
it is after they have signed off.

And if you too are wondering if there are no messages,you can check the
archives yourself to see if you have missed anything:

Clicking on the archives URL shown in the bottom banner at the end of all
messages:  Click "search the archives" and just put an asterisk in the top
box, come down to the "since" box and put the date for yesterday, or the day
before, and a list of all messages from that date forward will come up.
(Thanks to Margie Wilkinson for that "asterisk" which simplies it
Just remember to enter the date like this:  02/05/23  [the format is:

You will get a list of the posts.  This is the list since day before

Item # Date Time Recs   Subject
|003700 23/01/18 02:47 38  Tropical Kingbird |  this date is wrong-ignore
|003789 23/01/24 05:51 23  Tropical Kingbird |  this date is wrong-ignore
    some day I will see if I can correct these dates so these won't always
    the list
005798 02/05/23 13:46 32  Bald Eagle
005799 02/05/23 14:38 77  Kissimmee Prairie Preserve S.P. 5-22-02
005800 02/05/23 15:36 43  Elegant Tern nesting in Hillsborough Bay
005801 02/05/23 15:48 30  Re: Elegant Tern nesting in Hillsborough Bay
005802 02/05/23 16:57 46  Re: Elegant Tern nesting in Hillsborough Bay
005803 02/05/23 19:04 31  Photos of the Elegant Tern added toFloridaBirds
005804 02/05/23 21:20 50  Re: Elegant Tern nesting in Hillsborough Bay
005805 02/05/23 21:45 24  Thanks
005806 02/05/24 15:06 18  Stop m,ail
005807 02/05/24 22:05 136  Florida RBA 24 May 2001
005808 02/05/25 07:44 27  Some Still Flying
005809 02/05/25 08:52 26  test   (your question)

All you have to do is click on the number and the message will come up.

If you have seen a bird, let us know.  :-)


Barbara Passmore

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> HI!
> Is the list working or have I been dumped?
> --
> John H. Epler, Ph.D.

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