Herewith promised "posting" re search for "Short-tailed Hawk"!

Left Vero Beach at 0615 Sunday, 26 May.  Blue Cypress Lake Road at 0645.
Green Heron perched in a tree (northside) as we turned off Route 60.
Swallow-tailed Kite perched at very tip of a dead 60 foot tree (southside --
200 yards north of Route 60).  No other kites observed!  Only a single
Bluebird observed  --  boxes missing or in very bad repair!
Usual early morning "bird sounds" heard from both sides of road.  (Wrens,
meadowlarks, bob-whites, vireos & killdeer...  Ospreys and Red-shouldered
Hawks chiming in from above!)
About a half mile south of Middleton's Fish Camp (on the south side of the
road) is a 30-40 foot tower set-back about 20 yards from the road and
surrounded with a six foot chain-linked fence!
Short-tailed Hawk (Dark Phase) perched on tower!  We spent several minutes
observing bird at 25 foot range before it took off and flew to the south!
Tell-tale "raised wing tip pattern" when gliding away from our party (of
three)!  Flew off and perched in a high dead tree at some distance!  Suggest
early morning search!

Highlight Birds:
Vulture (Blacks only)
Bald Eagle
N. Harrier
Red-Shouldered Hawk
Wild Turkey
Sandhills (with young)
Woodpeckers (Red-bellied & Pileated)
Northern Parula
Brown-headed Cowbird
(and --  others less notable)

Total Species:  43
Time: 4 hours - including stop for Breakfast on way home!

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