Hi All,

The man play has come to an end and off I am to the panhandle for some
aggressive nature play.  I finally managed to sit down and crunch the
numbers for the NAMC two weeks ago.  Here are the highlights:

Total species : 130

Interesting sightings:

Gray kingbird at Goodwyn Marsh.  This sight is about 15 miles inland.  We
see an occasional migrant here at the buffer preserve which is only about
five miles inland and pretty near the Indian River.  Goodwyn always seems to
come up with something interesting although not much else this year.

Yellow-rumped warbler (2) on Palm Hammock Trail at MINWR.  Thanks to Roy and
Judy for these as well as Scarlet tanager and Rose-breasted grosbeak.

Scads of migrant warblers.  Counting on one hand, you could tally the
migrant warbler species found.  Black-throated blue, redstart, and
Yellow-rumped were about it.

No thrushes, one tanager, not much for migrant passerines.

A big thank you to all who participated this year.   Next fall will
certainly be better.  At least I will have time to actually coordinate the
count then.

David Simpson
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Fellsmere, FL

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