hi All,

I know there is some movement still going on because I am still getting Barn
Swallows across Ponce Inlet.  I had a pair of Piping Plovers on my bird
survey area last Thursday evening and they were gone by morning.  I can still
hear some sound over head at night and have also watched fairly large groups
of Sanderlings gathering on the beach and taking off around 8:30 PM from
Ponce.  I also had a large group of Willets pass over in the evening at Ponce
of 16 birds.

My yard birds are doing well.  The Red-bellied Woodpecker has one baby in the
nest hole in the front yard and the Great Crested Flycatchers have 2 or 3
babies in the nest box in the backyard.  Watching the GCFL bringing food in,
how they share the caretaking and defending of the nest box is really
interesting.  And a LOT of baby titmice have been introduced to the feeders
now.  They are responding to my call when I put out sunflower seeds the same
way their parents did before them.  No young Parulas yet but they should be
coming around very soon.  And there certainly is no shortage of young
Cardinals this season!

The N. Rough-winged Swallow babies ought to be hatched by now and that is one
of my goals this week-to check on them at the Tomoka landfill in Daytona and
see what else is going on out there of late.  The Sandhill Cranes are around
all the time without a baby so I am guessing they did not have a successful
season this year, a first in a long time for them.

One of my newer favorite birding spots is now behind Fish Memorial Hospital
in Orange City.  Every morning, when I get off work, as tired as I am, I just
have to bird the area.  When I went into work the other night there were
Common Nighthawks flying all over the place.  This morning there were
Chuck-will's Widows calling along with E. Towhees.

Rima Ridge has gotten very quiet now both at night and during the day so
nesting must be in full swing out there. And nesting is in full swing at a
HUGE rookery at Lake George Wildlife Management Area off 11 and 40.  Egrets
and herons plus Ibis all nesting around a small but deep spring that you
cannot see from the roads.  If it were not for all the flying in and out
activity, one would never guess there was a rookery there.

My one active Swallow-tailed Kite nest is doing well with 2 fairly good sized
babies now.  They are in the middle of a stand of trees making it very
difficult to observe them.  A very good windy day helps a little if the trees
part just right.

So, for anyone wondering if there are still things going on...from my
perspective, YES!!!!!

Meret Wilson
Ormond Beach, FL

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