Hi All,

Things are getting unbelievable at Ponce, on the north side.  I think that
all the Wilson's Plovers have decided to hang up around the sand and mudflats
where it is a bit safer than at the water's edge.  I counted 12 this evening.
 Along with the Wilson's were 2 Black-bellied Plovers, 14 Semipalmated
Plovers, 4 Piping Plovers, 3 Semipalmated Sandpipers, a Ruddy Turnstone and a
new one to the mudflats in 3 years: a one legged Marbled Godwitt.  That bird
was in no way impaired, though.  The leg was gone at the ankle with a good
clean stump visible.  It managed to actually walk on the stump to some

Here at home the Great-crested Flycatchers are standing a little ways back
from the nest box hole and calling to the babies.  I don't think they are
quite ready to hop out of the box yet for the bugs Mum is holding in her beak
but it will be soon.  And I can make a little noise and get the baby
Red-bellied Woodpecker to peep out of its hole.  A real cutie.

Meret Wilson
Ormond Beach

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