Even though the Kite nests are difficult to access on your
        own, the park biologists are willing to take birders to see
        the nests (and find Grasshopper Sparrows) if you call them and
        make arrangements before visiting. Park office: 863-462-5360.


David Goodwin wrote:
>     Erik Haney & I took a trip from St. Pete down to Kissimmee Prairie
> Preserve State Park and return on Saturday. I had not been to the new state
> park and figured it would be a nice day's birding.

> ...

> Chris, the park biologist informed us that
> there are three active White-tailed Kite nests in the Preserve, and a forth,
> which had been abandoned earlier, had a pair of adults and a juvenile hanging
> around it Saturday morning. The difficulty of seeing these birds is that they
> are miles from any easy public access. The Preserve is huge (54,000 acres I
> believe Chris said), and easy public access covers only a small area.

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