Larry and All,

Your first list matches mine exactly except for the White-rumped Sandpipers.
I had 2 mudflats full of all of those listed until they moved out on
Wednesday night ahead of the approaching front.  When I came back to the
mudflats (at Ponce Inlet) it was devoid of birds except the resident Wilson's
Plovers and one lonely Semipalmated Plover who was nowhere today.  Only
Wilson's left today.

I am pleased to note that the Willets had a successful fledging.  The parents
and surviving offspring have been flying around the Inlet a lot over the past
2 days.  The Wilson's are not faring as well.  I have found one lone nest
with the 3rd egg laid between yesterday and today.  But, oddly neither parent
was defending the nest the way they were 3 days ago using the broken wing
act.  I will watch over the weekend and hopefully they will not abandon it.

Next week my task will be to search out the outer "Dog Island" to see if
Least Terns are nesting there.  I see them rise up from the island every
morning to start hunting.  I am seeing a lot of courting activity on the
ocean side at Ponce.  Though no nests have been found for some years I am not
convinced they aren't hidden away in there somewhere.

The Landfill was so full of nesting and fledgling activity.  I counted for
sure 28 nesting species out there on Wed.  I checked in the dummy pipe and
there are young N. Rough-winged Swallow babies in there.  I can hear them but
they are so far back I cannot see them.  Both parents are outside the tube
hunting for food and going in and out so I expect them to fledge before too
long.  I couldn't find the other pair.  I think they must have relocated
because where they originally chose to nest was not conducive due to a lot of
activity on the north side of the landfill.

There were young Killdeer all over the place and I found baby brown-headed
Nuthatches as well.  There was evidence of young everywhere judging from the
amount of food hunting going on.  I believe there is one pair of Green Herons
as well.  I know where the adult kept going to but it isn't very accessible
by foot without risking snakes.

I even found a young nonbird, a spotty- fawn leaping in front of my car after
its parent.

At the entrance to the Landfill there are 2 active Osprey nests and both have
2 young in each nest.  I watched them feeding for quite a while.

And last, a huge number of Barn Swallows were still crossing the Inlet around
6 PM on Weds. night and only 2 last night.  Even though the shuttle didn't
make it off the ground, it looks like everything else was able to take

Meret Wilson
Ormond Beach, FL

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