Congratulations to Vince Lucas and those who joined him in finding 6 doves
today. I hope the Zenaida Dove stays around long enough for me to get a
gander at it next week.

Vince posed an interesting question.  Has anyone seen MORE than 6 species of
Doves (and relatives) in Florida in the same day?  [I assume that the other
four, besides Zenaida and Rock, were Mourning, Common Ground, White-winged
and Eurasian Collared.]  Four of us tied that mark in the St. Petersburg area
last year with Ringed Turtle Dove replacing the Zenaida but looking over my
list only in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas did we ever top the half
dozen mark in a single day.      With the help of a very cooperative and very
talented local birder we finally managed to locate a Red-billed Pigeon to top
off our seven for the day.  (Mourning, Rock, White-winged, White-tipped, Inca
and Common Ground were the others.)

In any case, well done all.  Thanks to Larry Manfredi for the find.  STAY

Dick Beeler
Fort Myers

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