Cinco de Mayo

Visited Washington Oaks SP which is actually located slightly south of the
St. Johns County line into Flagler County on A1A.

Driving through the entrance to the first stop sign and then parking on the
right, I was able to bird the area, which included the nature trail on the

Interesting birds for the park:
Cape May warbler
Magnolia warbler
Black-throated blue warbler
Prairie warbler
Black & white warbler
American redstart (many)
Worm-eating warbler
Common yellowthroat (many)
Northern Parula
Red-eyed vireo (many)
Summer Tanager
Ruby-throated hummingbird
Yellow-billed cuckoo
Screech owl (in a tree cavity)
Barn swallows

The beach-side of the park afforded three imm. northern gannets flying around
- seen with the pelicans off shore - without using a scope.


Gray kingbird seen in St. Aug on San Marco at the usual area on the power
lines in front of the Eckerd's store.

Florida scrub jay:  two sightings:  one seen on a power line on A1A slightly
north of the park boundaries on the east side in a campground on the beach.
another scrub jay seen slightly south of Marineland past the boardwalk on the
east side sitting on a speed limit sign.

Black-hooded parakeets:  16 seen on A1A on the west side of the road in the
Crescent Beach area on a power line.  2-3 of the birds looked young and
appeared to have some 'streaking' on the breast.

The weather today was 85ish and windy at times, with a lot of clouds/smoke
blowing in the area.  Wonder if this made a difference in the birding.  Also,
had a pair of American Bald Eagles in the park.

Bugs weren't bad at all today - much better than the biting flies, chiggers,
etc usually found at Guana River SP.  I discovered only one tick on my foot
today - stay on the trails!

Diane Reed
St. Augustine, Fl.

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