Ten 11 people awaited the arrival of the Zenaida Dove on Tuesday morning to no avail. Austin and I arrived shortly after 7:00 AM and left close to noon. In that time, one woman claimed to see the bird, but in her own words she got a "sort of satisfactory look" at the bird. Perhaps enough to pin some hopes on. It may still be there somewhere, but it didn't stick to the routine it followed over the weekend and I'm certain with all looking that it never appeared on any of the wires or any of the three roads in that neighborhood. We made other trips back and finally left the area after 5:00 PM.

 To my mind, Martin Reid's sighting Monday morning is the last report with convincing details. I did extensive scouring on the 4-5 roads to the west of Valois but again to no avail. Have to run to work now but wanted to post this for those sitting on the fence wondering if they should drive like Hades to get down there.


Jeff Bouton
Port Charlotte, FL
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