Hi all,

I was lucky enough to see the Zenaida Dove on Sunday, about 11:00.  The bird was on the power line above 133 Valois, and visible the entire time we were there.  We made a food run around 12:30; the Winn-Dixie was handiest, and provided a surprisingly good Italian sub.  When we returned to Valois to picnic in the car, the dove was on the ground & gave us superb looks.  Yes, I said lucky.

Interestingly we had just returned from birding in the Keys, and had found my friend's quest bird, Antillean Nighthawk, on Stock Island, corner of 2nd Ave & 3rd St.  We were staking out the weedy field near the Texaco station when a birder from Chicago drove up to inform us that the nighthawk was "performing" just to the west, across US 1.  To follow  
him or stay put?  As it got darker, my friend opted to heed the tip (her bird; her decision!) and it was the right guess.

As soon as I returned to my sister's house in Boca Raton, I checked the archives, & saw the Zenaida Dove sighting by Larry Manfredi.  Talk about negative serendipity--we were checking the list at the Big Pine Key library while he was seeing the bird, just so we wouldn't miss anything!  There was nothing to do but return to Key Largo, which we did.

We also spoke with the woman at 133 Valois who was not happy with the crowds who had appeared Saturday & Sunday mornings.  She said they had blocked the road, entered her front yard, & sat on the rocks in front of 134.  She said the man at 134 was upset enough to "do something"; she mentioned firecrackers to scare the birds.  She said the area is a bird sanctuary and all the residents feed the birds.   I can't believe that we birders could have been so inconsiderate and so foolish to antagonize the homeowners!  

Other interesting tidbits from our conversation:  She said that the "dove with the white spot was there all the time," and the "tanager" (the spindalis) was nesting.  She indicated the area on the side of 134.  OK, we take these things with a grain of salt, but I couldn't help but wonder...   It would be interesting for someone near to monitor this once the crowds clear.  Maybe Robin Diaz's suggestion about a dating service for the spindalis isn't necessary!

By the way, I got skunked on the Spindalis for I think the 6th time.  (I've lost count.)   
I console myself by thinking how good I'll feel when I do see one.

Thanks, Larry, for the great bird & the info you provided to Marlene Lengner on the nighthawk.  We had a terrific time & did a lot of laughing.

Dotty Robbins
High Springs FL

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