Hi all,

Also from my excursion to the Keys last week, we stopped in Pembroke Pines to see the Purple Swamphens.  Thanks to all of you who provided info.  We thoroughly enjoyed ogling these big, robust, gorgeous birds!

We found Hill Mynas at the Baptist Hospital in Kendall, on the east side of the hospital as you are driving to the back.  They were nesting/roosting in a dead palm trunk, with one sentinel perched on top.  A Cockatiel grazing by the lakeside was a bonus.  Monks too, of course.  (Occasionally we did look at a "countable" bird!)  

Also enjoyed visiting the Furchgott's feeder (Pranty, p. 228) in Kendall where we had Mitred, Blue-crowned, and Yellow-chevroned Parakeets.   And a quick look at a RW Bulbul at the tennis club.

We could not have missed the Common Myna at the Florida City McDonald's if we'd tried.

My friend from NJ loved seeing these birds, and I think I appreciate them more now that
I'm further away!

Dotty Robbins
High Springs FL

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