You may find some interest in the work Mark Ebers and myself did trying to
map the conceptual field of inter-organizational relations. This work
appears in Organization studies, 1998, 19/4:549-583
Oliver and Ebers, Networking network studies: An analysis of conceptual
configurations in the study of inter-organizational relationships.

The combined use of facet theory (or mapping sentence approach) offered by
Guttman with network analysis allowed us to produce the mapping of a
conceptual field as it was represented in 156 studies on the topic in four
central organizational journal.

I feel that this approach can be furthered used for text analysis of
various issues.


Amalya L. Oliver
Department of Sociology and Anthropology/Organization Studies
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905
Currently visiting the Sociology department, Columbia U.
New York

 > Hi,
> Could someone provide me with some references on the use of Network
> Analysis methods in the analysis of text/s? I only know of citation
> analysis and semantic network analysis.
> Much appreciated,
> stephen tan