Apologies for the delay.  Here's the summary of the pointers to various
papers and resources that I received regarding the subject.



The paper "Graph Theoretical Dimensions of Informal Organizations"
by David Krackhardt

Watts, Duncan J. (1999) Small Worlds, Princeton University Press

Watts D., Strogatz S., "Collective dynamics of small world networks,"
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Two people doing good workin this area are:
1. Warren Sack, SIMS, Cal-Berkeley
2. Quentin Gad Jones, HCI (or some similar name), New Jersey Inst of

The thesis by Brian Butler at CMU, [log in to unmask]

[the 2nd half of this book]
David S. Kaufer & Kathleen M. Carley, 1993, Communication at a Distance:
The Effect of Print on Socio-Cultural Organization and Change,
Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Kathleen M. Carley, 1996, "Communicating New Ideas: The Potential Impact
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Kathleen M. Carley, forthcoming, "Smart Agents and Organizations of the
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