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Subject: Re: graphic presentation ideas
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Hi Michael -
If you are presenting 'dynamically' an overlay effect might work, where you
have one layer 'bright' at the moment of discussion, then it fades for the
next level.  I've used this to describe changes in networks over time,
showing the emergence of a component over a number of years.  See slides
30-34 of the sexual-networks presentation, which can be found at:


At 08:08 AM 5/17/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>     I need to present a case study of ego-centric network that overlays
>perceptions of risky & safe locations, that are overlaid on known
>geographical variables of risk and protection.
>     So, I am looking for help in presenting a multi-layered graphic with
>network dta on top, perceptions next, and real environmental variables
>under that. Can anyone suggest a way to display this?
>     My thought is if I had a portable hologram this may work!
>any ideas are appreciated,

James Moody
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Department of Sociology
Ohio State University
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