I got word that I was sent a virus and did indeed find it on my hard
drive,  I was told that it sits on the drive for 14 days and then sends
itself to everyone in the address book.

The virus is called:    jdbgmgr.exe

Please search your hard drive and if you find it, delete it and empty
the recycle bin.  Specific instructions below.

Please note as well that some things of this sort are actually just mock
viruses, practical jokes that someone is playing.  This may be the case
here, but it is probably not worth finding out for sure.  (AT the very
least, I was warned that I might have received it, and I did.)  If you
find it on your hard drive, and delete it, you should tell everyone in
your address book about it.  (Like others, I have many in my address
book with whom I haven't communicated in eons, and some with whom I've
never communicated.  To those: Hello, and please forgive the intrusion.)

My apologies.


Here are the detailed instructions I received, which have the obvious
earmarks of having been passed around a good bit:

2. Go to START button, then click on "Find" or>
"Search" option> >
3.  Then click on "files or folders".> >
4.  A window will pop up. Then type the name>
jdbgmgr.exe in the "Named:" > box. Be sure you search
your C: drive. Do this by> clicking on the down >
arrow in the "Look in" box and pick the item that> has
a "C:" in it.> >
5. Click the "Find Now" or "Search" button.> >
6. The virus has a tedy bear icon with the file> name
jdbgmgr.exe> > DO NOT OPEN IT!!> >
7. Right click and delete it. It will go to the>
Recycle Bin> >
8. Go to the Recycle Bin and delte it there as> well.>
> Note if you find the virus, you must contact all
the> people in your address> > book so they can remove
it from their computers. I,> and those who >
inadvertantly pass the virus on, apoplogize for any>

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