Hello all !

Sorry to bother you all again but I'm guessing at least one of you out there
has come up against this at one stage or another! (Look at me as a long term
investment...surely one of these days I'll be able to answer one of your
questions !)

I'm examining a situation that in the past has measured "subjective norms"
(a belief that specific referents around you think that you should behave in
a certain way, combined with your motivation to comply with that wish) and
their influence on behavioural intent.  As part of my research I am
intending to measure the influence of actual attitudes on individual
intention to behave, in a technology context - using SN data rather than
perceived measures.

Does anybody know of any work carried out to measure and compare the
relative strength of perceived attitudes (subjective norms) versus actual
attitudes within various SN configurations on individual behaviour
(intention or actual)?

Hopefully the question is clear enough, thanks for having a read !

Cheers, Glen.

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