RE: Analysis of textsHi Doug,
these are excellent references! I say this admiringly as a web reserearcher.


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  "Scale-free characteristics of random networks: the topology of the World-Wide Web," A.L. Barabasi, R. Albert, H. Jeong, Physica A 281 (2000), Elsevier Science, 69-77 

   "Inferring Web communities from link topology," David Gibson, Jon Kleinberg, Prabhakar Raghavan, in Proc. of the 9th ACM Conf. On Hypertext and Hypermedia, ACM Press, 225 - 234, 1998.

   G. W. Flake, S. Lawrence, C. L. Giles, and F. M. Coetzee (2002) "Self-organization and identification of Web communities," IEEE Computer, 35(3):66-71. 

   "Search engine makes social calls," John Whitfield, Nature, 7 March 2002    [Short note about Flake's work that was in IEEE Computer 2002. "The web has spontaneously organized itself into communities."  "It could bring together people with common interests that may not know of each other's existence. You could also catch the early stages of new trends," says Kleinberg.]

  Doug Bryan
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    I would also be very interested in this topic. Also on social network analysis references on website links.  

    Many thanks, 

    Rebecca Goolsby, Ph.D. 
    Office of Naval Research 
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    Subject: Analysis of texts 


    Could someone provide me with some references on the use of Network 
    Analysis methods in the analysis of text/s? I only know of citation 
    analysis and semantic network analysis. 

    Much appreciated, 
    stephen tan