If you are interested in severe weather, storm-spotter, next-generation
weather doppler radar, or other meterological activities and would like to
meet other like-minded individuals, please read the following message.

This type of group-networking would be an excellent way to get more
students involved and licensed with ham radio, particularly when they can
participate on a severe weather storm-spotter Skywarn amateur radio net.

The replacement anemometer has arrived and is ready to be installed at the
club station.  With a little work, the virtual weather station will be up
on the website shortly after installation.  The display device in the club
station will allow for monitoring wind speed, direction, temperature
inside, outside, and barometric pressure.  Humidity and rainfall are extra
options that could be installed later at additional cost.

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Date sent:              Mon, 10 Jun 2002 08:10:43 -0400
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Subject:                AMS

A group of students in environmental engineering, electrical engineering,
and ag. and bio. engineering are interested in starting AMS at UF, and I'd
like to extend the invitation to as many students as possible. Thank-you.


Members of Gator Amateur Radio Club:

If you are interested in Meteorology as a hobby or career or just desire
to learn more about it, there will be a general interest meeting to
start a student-run chapter of the American Meteorological Society (AMS)
at UF. AMS is a professional society, recognized internationally. For
the student chapter AMS, you are not required to join the national
organization, unless you plan to run for an officer position.

There will be three main purposes and types of activities for this club:
academic (conferences, guest speakers), social, and increasing public
awareness (weather safety, storm spotter activities). These will be
explained in more detail at the interest meeting, and I look forward to
your input.

The interest meeting will be scheduled sometime in late July, based on
the number of responses to this email. I will try to organize a time
that suits you best, so if you or anyone you know would like to join,
please send an email to Alisa at [log in to unmask] with your name and
contact info. Any comments, questions, or suggestions may also be
addressed to Alisa at that email address. Thanks!

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