Dear All
I am working on a research project in order to study the role of writing a
M.A dissertation in scientific community and the scientific life of the
writer. I have also used a network approach to scientific community and the
role of dissertation this social-scientific network. One of the main parts
of this research is based on a comparative analysis of scientific community
of sociology in my country and foreign sociologists based on open
interviews. You can see a number of questions and it is quit satisfactory to
answer them and reply to me.


Dear Professor
Please answer following questions and help me in doing my research. This may
be time consuming, however, tanks for your pleasure. It is quit satisfactory
to write what aspects of following questions are interesting for you.

1. First Name:

2. Last Name:

3. Major Fields of scientific Research:

4. Title of M.A dissertation:

5. Year of writing dissertation:

6. Supervisor:

7. Title of Ph.D. dissertation:

8. How did you select this specific field and topic for your M.A

9. Was there any one who influences on your choice?

10. How did you find your supervisor?

11. What were your criteria for selecting a supervisor?

12. What was the general condition of your cooperation with supervisor
during the writing of theses?

13. What was his/her contribution in your theses?

14. Did you write and publish any article or book in cooperation with the
supervisor based on your theses?

15. Did you continue your scientific endeavor based on the field and topic,
or consequences of your M.A theses, especially in your Ph.D. theses?

16. Have you ever been or still committed to the theoretical or
methodological approach and findings of your M.A theses? In fact, can you
trace the effect of your M.A theses in your current scientific thought?

17. Did writing a M.A theses give you the identity of a specialist in the
scientific community? (Your internal and heart feeling)

18. Did you feel that you have contributed to creating a new part of
knowledge, although a small part?

19. Who were your imagined audiences when writing dissertation (scientific
community, supervisor, examiners,)?

20. Can you explain all those internal and subjective challenges that you
faced through the process of selecting your topic to submitting and
defending your theses?

21. I think every research starts with some questions and ends with some
answers and new questions. At the end of your M.A thesis, answers were more
interesting or your new questions? Have you ever investigated on those new
questions as a research program?

22. Do you evaluate writing our M.A theses as a useful scientific activity
in your life?

23. How much scientific ties created for you as a result of writing theses
in the network of science?

24. After passing several years from that time, what are interesting or good
aspects of the process of writing dissertation hat you still remember them?

Thank you very much.

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