See "Determining Groups from the clique structure in large social networks"
in Social Networks 22 (2000) pp. 159-172. It describes an algorithm based on
earlier work by Lin Freeman. The data I was working on comprised 97 actors,
79 of whom were members of 77 overlapping cliques. The algorithm enabled me
to identify several non-overlapping groups and gave some interesting results
on group structures.

Hope this is useful to your work,

Lucia Falzon

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From:   Muge Ozman
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Subject:             a question on clique overlaps

Dear All,
I am currently a Ph.D student at MERIT (Maastricht Economic Research
Institute on Innovation and Technology).

A current problem that i face in my thesis is about the clique overlap
issue. I want to obtain non-overlapping cliques, based on a weighted
adjacency matrix (weights being the frequency of interactions). I have
UCINET for 50x50 adjacency matrix to detect cliques, but i don't know
how i
can seperate them in the optimum way? (lets say i obtain 150 cliques,
is a great deal of overlap). Is there any algortihm, or software, or
or idea (anything!) that someone can offer?

Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.
Best Regards,
Muge Ozman

Maastricht University - MERIT
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The Netherlands