The International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations has just
put out its first quarterly issue. (Disclaimer: I'd on the Ed. Board.)
Focus is on social networks, very broadly defined.
Here are some of the issues from vol 1, # 1:
Dimitris Assimakopoulos & Stuart Macdonald, "A dual approach ot
understanding info. nets."
AnnaLee Saxienian & Cheun-Yeuh-Li, "Bay to bay strategie alliances: the
net links between Taiwan & US centural capital"
PM Wognum & ECCC Faber, "Infrastrucutres for collaboration in virutal
David Yen, Douglas Havelka & David Chou, "Virtual Private Nets"

The editor is Mohammed Dorgham, Fac of Technology, Open U, Milton Keynes
UK MK7 6AA. [log in to unmask]

MS to IEL Editorial office, PO Box 735, Olney, Bucks, UK, MK46 5WB

The journal is as handsome looking as Social Networks. Coated paper,
nice(r) cover.
Interestingly, the only other ed board member I know is Mark Granovetter.
I've been calling for years for INSNA to reach out, and it appears that
htis journal, is helping to do it.


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