Alt - PrintScreen will put a bitmapped image of whichever window is active in the
clipboard. This may save some editing.....

Alternatively, MGI PhotoSuite has a really good screen capture facility that lets you

select exactly which part of the screen you want to capture. You click on the upper
left corner, drag the mouse down and to the right, and click on the capture button
when you are satisfied with the area enclosed by the "marching ants" rectangle.

It also has an extremely useful bitmap image editor that can deal with bmp, jpg, gif,
and many other formats. One of my most useful tools. It can also do a fair bit with
photographs, although it is no Photoshop. I believe the latest version is less than
$35 --
a tiny fraction of PhotoShop 5, 6, or 7.


Valdis wrote:

> I don't use MAGE, but when all else fails do a "Print Screen"...  this will put
> a bitmapped image of your whole computer screen into your Windows clipboard.
> Then Paste into Photoshop or another bitmap editor, crop the parts you do not
> want and finally Save As GIF or PNG format... and place file name into your HTML.
> Valdis
> > Lelio Prandi wrote:
> >
> > Hi everybody,
> > does anybody know how to export a Mage .kin file in HTML so it could be seen
> > by Explorer or other browsers?
> > I found on the net links to Lin Freeman homepage for this topic, but the page
> > seems not to be online at the moment...
> >
> > Thanks for help
> >
> > Lelio
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