On Sat, 15 Jun 2002, Gerhard Wuehrer wrote:

> Dear all,
> may I ask for your help. I am looking for a SPSS-program to write
> adjacency or affilitation data sets out of spss files.
> Thanks
> Gerhard Wührer


Not positive this is the right reference, but you might take a look at
Feld, Scott L. 1997.  "Network Analysis Using the Method of Path Lists:
Testing the Weak Ties Hypothesis." Social Networks. Volume 19.

I know that Scott Feld has done a lot of work developing proceedures for
using SPSS to work with network data.  If the above article doesn't give
you quite what you need, you might try contacting Scott directly:
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Good luck!


Raymond V. Liedka
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
University of New Mexico