Hi Folks,

It's that time again... Time for me to ask for Ovenbird reports from more
southerly locations than the SRS in Aiken/Barnwell County, SC (in other
words, any Ovenbirds seen south of the Savannah River, GA are of interest).
I didn't get a chance to put as much time into them this year as in the last
two, but I did find several nests and tracked breeding a bit. The nests I
found were within a few meters of nests from last year and the year before.
The fledging dates for Ovenbirds in Aiken Co. this year averaged out to the
20th of May or so. They have all left now and so are most likely in the
thickets of central or perhaps coastal GA and northern FL. If you stumble on
one, please let me know by e-mail. Note that they will not likely be singing
and may be accompanying young-of-the-year. Last years request for info on
these little guys provided me a list of early reports of mid to late August.


Paul Champlin
New Ellenton, SC

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