The latest update of the Florida Rare Bird Report is now available at the
following link:

With at least three birding lists now covering the state, I will post
announcements when an update occurs and include a link to the homepage of my
RBA subscription list where the report can be read in the archives.  While I
will still refer to it as an RBA, I will be changing the name to the Florida
Rare Bird Report in its transcripted form.  This will more adequately
reflect the nature of today's internet listservs, which can release
sightings information in a more timely fashion.  However, for those without
access to a computer, an RBA by phone is still their alert.  With Florida
being such a magnet for travelling birders, the ole' phoneline still gets
plenty of use! Also, internet posts do not always include directions,
DeLorme Gazatteer page, and the page in Bill Pranty's "A Birder's Guide to
Florida," do they?  I have a few more changes in mind as the bulk of the
fall migration season approaches, and I will announce them in the near

Good Birding,


Charlie Ewell
Cape Coral, FL
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