Dates:   Saturday,August 17th, Saturday,August 24th & Sunday,October 6th
Cost:    $100
Tips:    10%-15% of the cost of the trip for the crew.
Departs: 8 a.m. please be at the boat at 7:30 a.m. for boarding.
Returns: 4 p.m.

You will be resposible for bringing your own lunch and drinks.  Seasick
pills, a hat and sunscreen are highly recommended.

The place:Islamorada,Florida Keys,Bud N' Mary's Marina, Mile-marker 79.8

Name of the boat that we will use:  The 65' Gulf Lady, which has an
air-conditioned cabin.

40 people maximum.

        Here is a list of birds to expect or hope for.

        Northern Gannet, should see.
        Masked Booby, might see some.
        Brown Booby, should see.
        both Tropicbirds, with luck will see.
        Sooty Tern, should be lots of them.
        Bridled Tern, should be lots of them..
        Brown Noddy, same as Sooty Tern.
        Pomarine Jaeger, should see a few.
        Parasitic, might see.
        Long-tailed, might see.
        Sooty Shearwater, might see.
        Cory's Shearwater, should see several.
        Audubon's Shearwater, should see many.
        Black-capped Petrel, might see.
        Wilson's Storm-Petrel, should see several.
        Leach's Storm-Petrel, might see.
        Band-rumped Storm-Petrel, might see.

        There may be other unexpected birds as well, who knows?  We will
be going to the Islamorada hump, the 409 hump and the Marathon hump as
well as driving around and looking for birds.  The Marathon hump is the
farthest, 32 miles from the dock.  Lots of upwelling here and lots of
birds.  We will use lots of chum and put an fish oil slick to attract
the birds.

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