I hope nobody is expecting me to answer medical questions about the birds
that C.R.O.W. rehabilitates.  I am a devout coward by religion and a retired
Math teacher by profession so most of what I do is carry boxes, which I never
open, out to the medical experts.  I DO know that Red Tide, when it is
present, has a bad but not lethal effect on our Double-crested Cormorants.
They show up along the beaches acting weird, falling over, etc., but are
relatively easy to capture and treat.  The toxin is flushed out of their
system in a week or so and then they are released where they were captured.
Guess what?  We often see the same Cormorant two or three times!!  Brown
Pelicans are also subject to the dangers of Red Tide, but I don't know about
Gannets.  My GUESS is yes.

I have received a couple of private inquiries about C.R.O.W. and my answer
has been "Take a look at <>"    There you will find
answers from people who actually know what they are talking about.

Good Birding

Dick Beeler
Fort Myers, FL

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