We have seen one White-winged dove from time-to-time over the past two
years in East Lake Park, but never more than one at a time.  That is,
until today when we observed a pair sitting together at 8:00 am at the
junction of Thrasher & Vinson Drives.  Expansion-expansion-expansion!

We saw a female (presumably - based on its large size) Cooper's Hawk
again today just SW of the junction of Orient Road and Hillsborough
Avenue. We have also seen it (or a different "female") twice in the last
two weeks.  Once, it was seen soaring low over the junction of Orient &
Hillsborough and more along recently on the west fork of Spencer Circle.
We think the bird likes this particular area (large oak trees along the
lake) because Blue Jays are usually mobbing something in the trees here
every evening, including the hawk when we saw it here.  This info is
part of an ongoing thread documenting the presence of Cooper's Hawks in
the southern part of the state during summer.

Doug Wassmer & Lilian Saul
Tampa, Fl
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