Hi all,
  Anne Turner and I went to Vierra Wetlands today- got there around 11AM -
right after Roger Clark (sorry we missed you!).  Thanks for your help
  Interesting birds today:
  Black terns (4+ at click ponds)
  Fulvous ducks (2 at click ponds)
  Mottled ducks
  American black duck
  Least bitterns (several at wetlands)
  Swallow-tailed kite
  Caracara (several at wetlands)
  Least tern (3-4 at click ponds)
  Sandhill cranes (Wickham Rd)
  Belted kingfisher
  Common ground dove
  Purple martins
  Barn swallows
  Meadowlarks (Wickham Rd)
  Killdeer (many on Wickham Rd)
  Pied-billed grebe
  Red-shouldered hawk

Couldn't find ruddy ducks; couldn't find Snail kite......oh well...

Special note:  We found out you can now drive around the impoundments at the
wetland area - what a relief in that '100 degree' weather today.

diane reed
st. augustine, florida

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