here is an edited subset of our DRM policy:


* Ensure that document management and recordkeeping is appropriate for our
business needs (including statutory obligations)
* Add value to our documents so they can be used and managed from
inception to eventual disposal
* Ensure consistency across all offices, officers and contractors


* Document Management is a support function, not an end in itself
(therefore it must be designed to meet business needs first)
* Good Recordkeeping is a by-product of sound business practices
(therefore it can be designed to add value to corporate documents and
processes, in an unobtrusive manner)


Documents are a valuable corporate asset. They exist in many forms, media
and locations. They are created and modified in all our offices and sites,
and externally. One common policy maintains consistency and
standardisation in our document management (naming, indexing, storing,
disposing etc), which in turn:

* Empowers staff by freeing more time for core business
* Improves customer service, by enabling us to find information faster
* Improves access to current information for decision-making purposes
* Demonstrates best practice, and ensures compliance with quality
assurance, statutory and regulatory requirements
* Minimises duplication and problems of version control
* Protects vital information assets from loss and unauthorised access



Glenn Sanders
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These views are mine alone. They may or may not be those of any previous
or present employers or clients. I don't know. If I'd asked and they'd
agreed, I would have signed it "Bloggs and Co and Glenn". Or whatever. But
I haven't, so I didn't.

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