It is that time of year again. With vacations and holidays for much of the
Northern hemisphere (and a long weekend in store for many of us in the US),
it's time once again for a quick tutorial on what to do with the List when
you go on vacation...

The best thing to do is suspend your subscription. You can do that through
the List's Web interface or follow the instructions at the end of this link:
T=1>. You'll want the NOMAIL setting. Remember, List commands don't work
when you reply to messages received from the List.

Send the List command to: [log in to unmask]

The Body of the message should read: SET RECMGMT-L NOMAIL

This needs to be done from the email address that gets email from the List.
You'll need to confirm the command, so wait for the confirmations to come

When you return, send another message to [log in to unmask]

That message should read: SET RECMGMT-L MAIL

Now, if you don't want to remember all that, then just modify your Out of
the Office setting in your email to exclude "all Internet addresses" or,
specifically, "[log in to unmask]". If you do that, the rest of us
won't know that you're out sunning yourself while we're all stuck working.

Patrick (you'll never know that I'm on vacation this week) Cunningham

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