Earl Johnson asked, "Speaking of shredding and/or recycling, are any of you
keeping track of record types and volumes of the things that are going into
recycle bins?"

Sort of.  Destruction of records, whether dumped in the desk-side recycling
bins, shredded in the center cores, sent to Records Management for
supervised or unsupervised destruction or deleted from PC hard drives
requires that the Record Coordinator for the department complete a Records
Disposal Form and send it to Records Management where it is kept on file.

Non-records/transitory items can be disposed of without any report.

There is continuing education on what is a record, and what information
must be shredded instead of recycled.

Records Management is also in charge of the corporate-wide recycling
effort, so the volumes of paper, and other materials destroyed is tracked,
by type of material only, by the vendors.

Lorinda Kasten-Lowerre
Records Analyst
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Torrance, California, USA
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