The Melville story is a classic of mid nineteenth century short story
writing and it is a classic tale of an individual trapped by circumstances
in a hard scrabble society.  For the record, the life of scribes was very
difficult -- long tedious hours, harsh conditions, poor pay, and no
authority or chance for advancement.  However, if present day records
managers get unduly concerned about a movie of the story or the story
itself, then they only reveal themselves as somewhat humorless and
ignorant of the history of record-keeping.  Loosen up!

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On Tue, 23 Jul 2002, Lamont, Laura wrote:

> P.S.  Bartleby worked in a law office as a scribe - not a records clerk.
> And unfortunately, this horrible story is inflicted on all students as a
> "classic".
> Laura Lamont
> Records Management Assistant
> Aquila, Inc.
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> This movie is indeed based on the Herman Melville short story.  Bartleby the
> Scrivener is the story.  The story actually takes place in lower Manhattan
> in a number of buildings in which I believe I have worked.  Also, Melville
> had spent time in a dead letter office.
> For what its worth.
> Adam Herbst
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> clip-
> If the movie is based on the short story <clip> I thought it was a US
> classic - it's by Herman Melville.<clip>
> Amanda
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