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>I thought the list would be interested in seeing this article....
>Published: July 24, 2002
>There's more in store for storage
>Deloitte Consulting's Charles Goldenberg, Client Relationship Partner for
>Sun Microsystems, is quoted in the July edition of Consulting Magazine in
>"Storage Moves Up The Food Chain" by Mark Leon. This article describes
>consulting opportunities working with storage technology.

The magazine can be found at the following url but appears that only the
June issue is available at this point.

The June issue does have a very interesting article but it is available only
if you  are a subscriber (at $129 per annum). Here is a synopsis of the
article from the website

"Practice Policy: To Shred or Not to Shred?
As Arthur Andersen discovers just how stiff a price a firm can pay for not
enforcing rigid document retention policies, many professional services
firms allegedly still take a lax approach to document retention."

now this article sounds interesting, maybe someone could put them in touch
with ARMA


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