No names, no pack drill so no harm done.  Some of the tips were very timely
for me - I am mentoring a former member of staff on CV development right
now.  Just how many people are you willing to share your CV with? [wink]


Tanya Whitmarsh
Recordkeeping System Business Analyst
Logistic and Facility Services
Roads and Traffic Authority
Level 3, Octagon Building
99 Phillip Street, PARRAMATTA  NSW  2150
PO Box 3035, PARRAMATTA  NSW  2124
Ph (02) 8837 0318  Fax (02) 8837 0030

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> Well talk about egg on my face. Here I go and violate one of
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> oh my please feel free to provide me with a suitable tongue
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> But I still believe SII is a boondoggle!!
> Peter (fingers are faster than the brain this a.m.) Kurilecz
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