SII vs. ARMA (International)

Let's get ready to rumble!
For all those in attendance and Millions watching around the world
We present 12 rounds of boxing for the heavyweight championship

Seriously though, it does appear to me that we have opponents and proponents
of SII and also of ARMA.  I certainly would be interested in factual
information in order to have a good understanding of what they are both all

Maybe an online forum of some kind, a face-off, head to head or something to
this effect, as I frankly am a little confused with SII.  I was a member of
ARMA for many years and have experienced the valuable and professional
benefits first hand.  It would be of benefit to know the difference or
similarities between the two and why we need the two of them.

Is this not creating a division in our profession?  Is there value in having
the two organizations and why?

My thoughts.  Thank you.

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