So, how would we score this. We don't want a repeat of the Olympics fiasco.
Are we going for Greco Roman or Marquis of Queensbury? Should we nominate
moderators, say Mike Tyson? I was in Montreal, all that kept it civil there
was the immediacy of the decision, lack of time to digest it all and reduced
attendance. Having said that, attendance at the town meetings were the most
heavily attended function outside of the Cirque du Soleil and the Houston
Chapter suite. Outside of the entertainment value of a head to head meeting
(fifteen rounds or two falls out of three) I would rather have more detailed
information. A QA section where reasonable questions (that is those lacking
rancor and hostility) could be asked by the membership and answered in a
timely and well thought out manner by those driving the project.

Just a thought,

Chris "Happy birthday to me" Flynn

P.S. Yes I know PA, I left the previous message attached. Sue me

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 "Gervais, John" wrote:
<Maybe an online forum of some kind, a face-off, head to head or something
this effect>

I second the motion.  I propose a three members for each side panel
discussion as one of the "cutting edge" sessions at the Conference.  I would
love to have a live debate on these issues.

Please vote early and often!

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