Once upon a time,  the nominating committee (including one person from each
region looked at a candidate's background and interviewed that person in a
group during a conference.  The selection of the committee was essentially
the preferred candidate and, typically, the only name connected with the

As you might imagine, not everyone was happy with this method.   There were
cases where the person selected was not the person most people
wanted.  There were some of cases of write-ins--a small number successful,
as I recall.  The only problem open nominations seemed to have was
campaigning.  The reality was that under the old system there was still
campaigning of a sort.  So, regardless of what you call it ("promoting"?),
there will always be campaigning.  Human nature.


perceived   At 01:11 PM 7/3/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Sorry Steve, but I have to disagree with you.
>  In this case, I side with the AL regarding campaigning.  The no campaign
> rule is to permit the election of board members and officers
> (international & chapter) based on the qualifications of the individual
> and their responses to questions, position papers,  etc. and prevent (as
> much as possible) outside influences such as; name recognition of an
> individual,  organized campaign by a candidate's PAC or chapter, money a
> candidate may be willing to spend, etc.
>There has always be a limited amount of "guerrilla" campaigning going on
>at the international and chapter level but the last thing we need in for
>hundreds of members to start trying to influence members vote.
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>Patrick, thank you for the specifics of ARMA's AL 200.
>To ARMA's leaders, I recommend that ARMA change AL 200
>on a very timely basis.  I am not an attorney, but attempting
>to restrict members' freedom of speech is a very bad, and
>probably illegal, policy.
> From a personal point, I will say what I want, when I want,
>and to whom I want.
>Best regards, Steve
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