Given that one of the future "Products and Services" the SII intends to
deliver is Consulting (from the SII web Site):

"Consulting and educational services. SII will be a clearinghouse for all
types of resources that organizations may need in defining and implementing
their overall information strategies. Through its strategic alliances, SII
will provide consulting and education services to meet the needs of its

Perhaps Ms. Avery would be able to respond to this question from the
gentleman from the UK.  Although his question deals specifically with
engineering contracts, I'd have to assume the SII would be subject to
similar requirements to ensure sufficient records are kept for appropriate
time periods for consulting services and contracts issued under the
auspices of the SII to organizations.

While the Contractor may bear some responsibility for record keeping, if
the work is being done under the umbrella of the SII, they would ultimately
be liable to ensure the Contractor was qualified to perform the work and
that the advice provided was sound and legally correct.  Given the claims
being made regarding the ability to accredit organizations and certify
individuals, it seems unlikely the SII would be able to indemnify
themselves of any liability.

Larry Medina

>  We have a requirement to include reference to record-keeping
>   responsibilities in new engineering contracts which our
>   organisation will be signing with contractors.  We are
>   particularly concerned that we shall have proper access to
>   contractors' accountable records which show the cost of works
>   carried out etc, so that we can make proper claims against
>   these, to external funding bodies.   The contractors do not
>   object - we *merely* need to get the contract terms correctly
>   written.
>   The requirements' starting point will therefore be along the
>   lines that:
>   1.      The division of responsibility for keeping original
>   records of work contracted for, costed, carried out and paid for
>   etc, will be determined between ourselves and the contractor on
>   the basis of ...........
>   2.      The contractor will be required to keep all original
>   relevant records for [specified periods to be
>   yet not fully specified nor determined !]
>   3.  In default of this the contractor will indemnify our
>   organisation against the effects of not keeping such records
>   etc...

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