Juanita, I also would like to thank you for your timely response. We
appreciate the leadership stepping in and taking part in these discussions.

Now, I was going to stay out of this, since I think my stance on SII has
been quite clear from the beginning. In my role on the Communications Task
Force, I hope to encourage open and honest communication and use the avenues
available to all the membership to help that happen, and in a way, I have
stepped back a bit while seeing if the process works -- and it really is
beginning to. However, I must express my personal opinion regarding SII
again in concert with the many RIM professionals on this list who have
already expressed their concerns.

I believe we, the membership of ARMA, are owed an open and honest accounting
of all expenditures on SII from its inception up  until now. I believe SII
is a half-baked concept that should never have gotten as far as it has
(which doesn't appear to be very far considering the cost so far) without
further development and the INPUT of ARMA membership. I also believe that
SII needs to stand on its own as soon as possible and not eat up a single
penny more of membership resources. If the SII doesn't want our input, it
should become completely independent, financially and otherwise, so that it
has no obligation in giving explanations to us, the membership, who have
been forced to support it without our permission and without our
understanding of what it is. And, last, I believe a copy of the presentation
being presented at the leadership meetings should be made available to all
members so we are all in on what is going on and we can form knowledgeable

A consortium? I see a lot of opportunists who are seeing green in their
future. That's fine, I guess. It's what makes capitalism work, but not on
the backs of our hard earned dues dollars.

Now, I am not opposed to a dues increase if it is justified as directly
benefiting the membership and it is not being used to recoup losses due to
SII endeavors, but show us what the improvement will be.

We are dedicated, knowledgeable professionals who care about ARMA as an
organization, our organization. We deserve answers to our sincere and well
thought-out concerns.

Again, thank you, and we hope to hear more.

Dianne Hagan
Immediate Past President, CNY ARMA

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